I make art as an expression of the Joy I feel and as a way to generate more Joy, for myself and hopefully others.  My work is instinctive and meditative.  I paint in order to slow down and be fully present in a world which seems to move at an increasingly fast pace. I'm inspired by art materials and by nature.  My work with sacred geometry and mandalas has been a wonderful way to combine artistic expression whilst satisfying my left brain desire for balance and order.  I mainly work from my studio at home in East Sussex and feel very lucky to be on the edge of the gorgeous Ashdown Forest. That deep nature connection is a balm to the soul and, when I get the chance for a trip to London or Brighton then  I also draw inspiration and energy from the art and the culture of city life.  Thank you for visiting my site

 I wish you Joy.


Mandalas and sacred geometry
Feel free to drop me a line!

Sarah  Charlton

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