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My mission to support parents to have the fulfilling and joyful relationship with their children you desire and deserve!  

When my son was a year old I discovered Hand in Hand Parenting. I immediately recognised it as the way I wished to parent, the compassionate, healing and effective tools made such good sense to me.

My son is 16 now (that’s him in the photos) I'm so grateful to say that we enjoy a very close, warm and fun-filled relationship and he is rocking life!!

When he was 8 I decided to train as an Instructor so I could share these tools with other parents.  I’ve been teaching in person and online for the last four years and into main stream secondary education and now into my work as a mentor with vulnerable young people and families in Surrey.

I worked as a Learning Support Assistant and found ways to bring these tools of connection into the classroom and to small groups of highly anxious students. You can read more about that here It was a huge learning curve for me as I healed my own school experiences by offering that work to others. It is a privilege to know first-hand the reality of school for our young people (the guts and the glory.

I now work for a charity in Surrey providing mentoring to those struggling with some of the more difficult situations life can throw our way. It's an honour to play a small part in shifting the trajectory of a young persons life and I am immensely grateful to have the Hand in Hand Parenting tools in my bag to help!

Eight Week Course for Parents of Preteens and Teenagers

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Sarah  Charlton

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