Six Week Course for Parents of Preteens and Teenagers

This course is for you if you would like to:

  • Understand how your pre-teen/teenagers emotions work and how to support them with the modern day reality of being a teen/pre-teen.


  • Learn five effective tools that help resolve 'off track' behaviour and build a 'super protective' factor to help your kids navigate the risks and pressures of adolescence.


  • Set respectful boundaries without losing it with your kid! (And understand why you lose it - clue - you are NOT a bad parent)!!


  • Learn strategies that help your child feel confident and close to you


  • Gain vital support for the incredible parenting work you do.


  • Laugh more! Play more! Connect more!


  • Explore setting boundaries around technology and teens - OMG! How can I get my child OFF their phone/games console?

Parenting is tough, emotional work and this is as true in the teen years as it was when our children were little. Juggling busy work lives, the lure of technology and the reduced connection with other parents as our children move from primary to secondary education, can take a toll on our relationships and support structures. This course will enable you to connect with other parents in a confidential, supported way and ensure you have the support networks you need for the years ahead.

Each week you will learn one tool which you will then practice at home and report back the following week. If you commit to this, you will finish the course with a renewed sense of joy, optimism and energy for this exciting chapter in your child's life with a set of tools that will see you all the way through to being a grandparent!.

An important component of the course is the opportunity to reflect on your own teen years. This can bring clarity to issues we are experiencing with our own teens. You will be sensitively and expertly guided in this process.

Strict rules of confidentiality apply. Grab yourself journal so you can make notes in between Patty Wipfler, founder of Hand in Hand Parenting.

To book your place or ask a question please send a private message on Facebook or email me or call 07708 652948 or click the buttons below.

You can book your first free consultation here.

You can book your first free consultation here.

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